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Check back for future plans and dates
Check back for future plans and dates
2018 T-shirt design! 2019 design teaser coming soon!
Check back for future event plans and dates

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Health Tips for Racing and Training:
(1)  Sip water constantly the days leading up to the race. You want to arrive at the race hydrated. There will be one water station near the mid-point of the race and water provided at the finish.
(2)  Wear sunscreen (SPF 30 is typical). Best if it is sweat resistant.
(3)  Wear bug spray.
(4)  Eat breakfast! Nothing heavy – try white toast with peanut butter – but please do not skip breakfast!
(5)  Don’t try anything new for dinner the night before – you don’t want an upset stomach during the race. Best to stick with familiar carbs.
(6)  Stretch! Stretching your muscles before the race will wake them up, and stretching after the race will help you recover. 
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